Gold Human InSight Webinar Series: Why must we pay attention to the stress of COVID-19?

Join Dr. David Fryburg, President and Co-Founder of the nonprofit Envision Kindness, in this pre-recorded Gold Human Insight Webinar on why we need to pay attention to stress during the COVID-19 pandemic and what to do about it. The major concern is that population level stress for health care workers and for the public will complicate many other disorders, such as heart disease, asthma, diabetes, and perhaps COVID-19 itself. This can worsen the health of people in general as well as increase the need for more care at an already overburdened time.

In this free webinar, which is less than 50 minutes long, physician and scientist Dr. Fryburg lays out the rationale to address stress. Most importantly, he provides practical guidance for people reduce their stress level. These recommendations are for both health care providers and the general public; providers should consider sharing this widely to help their patients. By doing so, we can reduce stress and promote wellness, something that will also be beneficial after COVID-19 is over.

Envision Kindness is a nonprofit that uses images of kindness, compassion, joy, and love to reduce stress and promote positive interpersonal connection. Dr. Fryburg has focused Envision Kindness’ efforts on using these images and other kindness-related content to stream into healthcare settings to uplift the healthcare environment for both patients and providers. This non-commercial, scientifically validated program can be seen here.

If members of the Gold Foundation Network are interested in accessing a sample reel for free to use in your hospital or practice during the COVID-19 pandemic, please reach out to Dr. Fryburg through the Envision Kindness website or

To watch the complete Gold Human InSight Webinar Series, please visit the Gold Library.