Gold Human InSight Webinar Series: Narrative Medicine & Connection Workshop During the Pandemic

Join Dr. Deepu Gowda, Assistant Dean for Medical Education at Kaiser Permanente Tyson School of Medicine and member of the Board of Directors of Columbia Narrative Medicine, and Catherine Rogers, Associate Director and Lecturer, Division of Narrative Medicine at Columbia University, in this pre-recorded Gold Human InSight Webinar on Narrative Medicine: A Method for Meaning and Connection. The COVID-19 pandemic has left many people around the world isolated while health care workers have cared for patients and families suffering great loss. In times of trauma and uncertainty, people have always turned to literature and the arts for meaning and connection. The field of narrative medicine, a branch of health humanities, may hold particular benefit in our current times. Narrative medicine engages groups with creative works and in writing for discovery to help make sense of one’s lived experiences and form community through sharing.

In this free webinar, physician Deepu Gowda and playwright Catherine Rogers welcome people at home to view and engage with a pre-recorded a narrative medicine workshop. They will describe the foundations and uses of narrative medicine and present this method that has been shown to promote well-being and team cohesion among health care professionals. By sharing resources in humanities, literature, and the arts to foster creative and reflective work, these sessions aim to nourish individuals, build teams, and reduce social isolation during COVID-19 and beyond.

Thank you to the panelists who joined our narrative medicine session: Jonathan Chou, MD; Walter Conwell, MD, MBA; Sally Huang, MD; Andre Lijoi, MD; Natalia Romano Spica, MS; Rebekah Ruppe, DNP; and Chris Travis, MD.

To watch the complete Gold Human InSight Webinar Series, please visit the Gold Library.