2021 Conference | Fad-vodacy and Armchair Empathy: Inspiring Sustainable Social Action




This session was part of Day one of the 2021 Humanism and Healing Conference: Structural Racism and Its Impact on Medicine, hosted by the Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS).

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This session serves as a “what’s next” for those who have just recently become involved in the social justice advocacy space and is likewise applicable to long-time advocates who hope to turn today’s social justice momentum into sustainable, long-lasting action. We dove into privilege-informed empathy, cultural curiosity, and why showing up “fashionably late” to parties isn’t actually en vogue. Aims: 1) Participants will come away from this session with a deeper understanding of what motivates sustainable social action. 2) The session will be a conversation space for newly-minted social justice advocates who want to do more, speak up, and continue learning and unlearning with grace.

The speakers (all GHHS members):

Candice Passerella, MD, is a student at the Howard University College of Medicine, Class of 2021.

Kevin McCawly is a third-year medical student at the University of Michigan.

Ja’Qualane Scales, MPH, MS, is a fourth-year medical student at Howard University College of Medicine.


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