Dr. Sandra Gold tells the story of how The Arnold P. Gold Foundation began

Gold Foundation Co-Founder and Trustee Dr. Sandra Gold tells the story — in her husband Arnold’s words from years ago — about how this nonprofit organization devoted to humanism in healthcare first began.

As she shared his words, the audience was transported back to a time when Arnold realized that his students were focused on test results, but not paying enough attention to their patients as human beings.

At the time, Arnold wondered, “What could one person do to stop the tide of this change in behavior toward patients? I was on service. I had a busy practice. I was in the process of writing chapters in two textbooks, and I was teaching every day.”

Arnold was passionate about the need for the human connection. Inspired by the philanthropic work of Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller, he decided to start a foundation to sustain and restore humanism in healthcare.

The legacy of that choice is still felt in the lives of countless patients, families, and healthcare professionals.

This special video recording was taken at the Gold Foundation’s 2024 Gala in NYC.