Thank A Resident Day Book Giveaway

The inaugural 2018 Thank a Resident Day was a great success! In honor of the day and in celebration of residents, we have given five signed copies of “Family Doc Diary: A Resident Physician’s Reflections in Fifty-two Entries,” by Phyllis Ying, MD. Terms & conditions can be found here.

In the days leading up to Thank a Resident Day, which was held on February 23, 2018, five winners were selected to receive a signed copy of  “Family Doc Diary” by providing a tip on our Facebook page post about how to maintain wellness throughout residency.

As author Dr. Phyllis Ying has said, “I know we’re all supposed to be ‘well-balanced’ and we get the talk about how it’s important to sleep a lot, do things outside of residency, etc., but the fact is we just have so little time in intern year that it’s really hard to maintain that balance.”

“Family Doc Diary” is a scrapbook-style journal that chronicles Dr. Ying’s first year of residency – the “intern” year. Gold Humanism Honor Society Director Dr. Dorothy Levine reflected on the book, writing that “the emotions it highlights will be reassuring to new interns as their first year progresses and they acquire the skills and experiences necessary for physicians today.” Read more about “Family Doc Diary” here.