Stories of Medical School from GHHS Members

In 2013, the Gold Foundation provided a grant to help with the creation of a series of podcasts called Inside Stories, an oral narratives project which invites medical students to share their experiences in medical school. These podcasts are archived on in-Training, an online magazine by and for medical students.


Annie Robinson, MS is the Program Officer for Health Story Collaborative, and curated the podcast Inside Stories: Medical Student Experiences from 2012-2015. Eight Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS) members were interviewed for the podcasts. These medical students talk about being faced with some of medicine’s most difficult questions early in their careers.  You can listen online with the links below or download the podcasts from iTunes.

  • Will speaks of two formative experiences during his third year as a medical student.  Listen
  • Carissa learns new lessons as a student after receiving the news of her mother’s cancer diagnosis.  Listen
  • Robert discusses the important of exposing his own vulnerabilities.  Listen
  • Jazmin works towards fostering a community during her time at medical school.  Listen
  • Roma describes the transition focusing on grades to cultivating patient relationships. Listen
  • John‘s story is influenced by his father’s long battle with Alzheimer’s disease.  Listen
  • Mia is faced with the loss of her best friend during her second year of medical school.  Listen
  • Tarik shares the lessons he learned from the primary caregiver for his wife, who had advanced multiple sclerosis. Listen