Humanism in healthcare demands we address racism

Persistent racism threatens health, well-being, and life; we must come together now to create a more humanistic world for all people

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation is a leader of humanism in healthcare, which places human interests, values and dignity at the center of care. This basis for healthcare is also the basis for a thriving world that supports the health of every single human being. We condemn racism and call upon us all, in this fraught and historic moment, to help correct the long-standing inhumanity that harms people of color.

The social determinants of health define the odds of a long life. The COVID-19 pandemic itself has put health disparities into high relief. The recent killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and other people of color who have been killed or harmed, have created a clear view of what Black Americans and people of color face daily. No human being should have to fear simple acts of driving, playing, dining, jogging — in a word, living.

Full compassionate, collaborative, scientifically excellent care in a world in which all can thrive must be the standard for every single human being, no matter whether they are patient or physician, no matter their skin color, no matter their gender or ethnicity or sexual orientation. And so, the Gold Foundation joins the deep, rising desire for change.

It is time to come together to create the humanistic world that has been denied to so many.

It is time to come together to move actively toward a world with true equity in health.

It is time to come together to address and dismantle racism.

Richard C. Sheerr
Chairman of the Board

Richard I. Levin, MD
President and CEO