On Giving Tuesday, make a gift & share your gratitude

Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement to support nonprofit organizations, and the global pandemic has stirred unprecedented need for community support.

We hope that you, as part of our Gold community, will support the Gold Foundation and lend a supporting voice to the healthcare professionals on the front lines in this crisis.

Two ways to show your gratitude on Giving Tuesday

1) Donate to the Gold Foundation. No gift is too small or too large. You have been our friend and supporter in ordinary times and watched our programs and our voices rise together in support of humanism in healthcare. If you can, now is the time to reinforce humanism and sustain the programs that support future and current physicians and nurses.

2) Write a note of thanks to a healthcare hero. We all feel such immense gratitude for the care, compassion, and courage from those on the front lines in this crisis. We clap. We cry. We pray. We know it never feels like quite enough. We are offering one more small but mighty way to share your gratitude. Our online donation form now includes a space for your note of thanks. Whether you write a sentence, a paragraph or 500 words, we will bring your note of gratitude to healthcare teams at our Gold Partners Council hospitals.