#FrontLineFaces: A call for human connections in this pandemic

Doctors at Montefiore Health System in New York City share their #FrontLineFaces — smiling as a team amidst these incredibly challenging times. THESE are the faces that are bringing hope and companionship to those most in need. Thank you, healthcare workers. Please share your stories today by emailing info@gold-foundation.org.

Amid this life-altering pandemic, with physical distancing a necessity and the challenges to our healthcare teams and society rising by the minute, one thing is clear: human connections are more important than ever.

As part of its mission to keep healthcare human, The Gold Foundation seeks to help strengthen connections during this crisis by encouraging clinicians and patients to share photos and stories of their experiences.

Research has shown that a warm, strong human connection helps patients heal while also helping practitioners maintain their own well-being, and we need to mobilize every tool available in this historic fight.

Join us in honoring clinicians’ courage and compassion and recognizing their humanity in this fight, while making space for patients and everyone on the front lines to share their personal stories and be seen.

Please join us in sharing your #FrontLineFaces photos and stories and in writing caring comments of support on social media when you see #FrontLineFaces posts.

Submit your photos and stories to the #FrontLineFaces project at info@gold-foundation.org or post your photo and story on social media with the hashtag #FrontLineFaces. On Twitter and Instagram, please tag us @GoldFdtn.