Dr. Brian Hodges Appointed to Board of the Gold Foundation for Humanistic Health Care, Canada

Brian D. Hodges, MD

Montreal, CN, June 2, 2017 – Richard Cruess, MD, OC, OQ, Chairman of the Gold Foundation for Humanistic Health Care, Canada, today announced the appointment of Brian D. Hodges, MD, PhD, to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

Dr. Hodges, a practicing psychiatrist, is Professor in the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Education at the University of Toronto and Executive-Vice President Education at the University Health Network. He also holds the position of Currie Chair in Health Professions Education Research at the Wilson Centre.

Dr. Hodges is also Senior Strategy Advisor to the AMS Phoenix Project, an initiative to balance the technical and compassionate dimensions of health care.

“We are delighted to bring a nationally recognized educator, clinician and thought leader onto the Gold Foundation Board during this formative stage,” Dr. Cruess said. “Brian’s international reputation will help us establish the Foundation as the leading advocate for humanism in medicine in Canada.”

The Gold Foundation was established in 2014 by a group of philanthropists committed to elevating the ideals of humanism and patient-centered care within the health care community of Canada. Other members of the Board include Irving Ludmer, President of the Irving Ludmer Family Foundation and Dr. Richard I. Levin, former Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at McGill and President of the Arnold P. Gold Foundation in the US.

Commenting on his appointment, Dr. Hodges said, “With an ever-increasing focus on efficiency and technology in healthcare, we must ensure that we nurture the human dimension. I have long admired the work of the Gold Foundation in carrying the torch for humanism in medicine.”