Readers’ top 5 articles in 2017

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As 2017 draws to a close, we took a look back at the most popular articles that highlighted topics in humanism in healthcare:

5.  Medical School Seeks to Make Training More Compassionate by Lucette Lagnado in The Wall Street Journal
“A New York City medical school has embarked on a soul-searching campaign of culture change after a 27-year-old student there jumped to her death last summer from her eighth-floor dorm residence.”

4.  Shouldn’t Doctors Control Hospital Care? by Sandeep Jauhar in The New York Times 
Overall hospital quality scores were about 25 percent higher when physicians, not business managers, were in charge.”

3. 75% of Medical Students Are on Antidepressants or Stimulants or Both by Dr. Pamela Wible in her personal blog
“‘Have you ever been depressed as a physician?’ I asked 220 doctors. Ninety percent stated yes. Yet few seek professional help. Here’s what depressed doctors do (when nobody’s looking).”

2. Doctor’s Killing at Bronx Hospital Called a ‘Monumental Loss’ by Rick Rojas in The New York Times
“She was early in her career, but Dr. Tam, 32, had already established a reputation for being caring and conscientious in a way that those around her found remarkable, even in a field built on caring for others that requires intense commitment.”

And the most popular read of the year from our Facebook page …

1. An Apology to Medical Students by Dr. Karen Tran-Harding in the medical student blog
“Hi, I’m the medical student!” you said with cheer and a big smile to the room. Silence. No one bothered to look up from her computer as everyone furiously typed away.”

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