I Chose This Life by Catharyn Turner, II MD

IChoseThisLifeI chose this life, I heard the call
To wear the coat, to bear the pall
To lend a hand, to mend a break
To tend to sick, to lie awake
While others sleep, I toil all night
And walk the wards, fending off fright
To be a voice, both calm and strong
To strive to fix all that is wrong
I chose this life.

While others wed, I stood nearby
And held the hands of those who died
And welcomed life, from mother’s womb
While mine stood testament to tombs
I carried phones, always in reach
I care, I learn, I heal, I teach
I chose this life.

Encouragement, I lent to most
I raised the glass, I offered toasts
I gave the shot, applied the splint
I came, I saw, I wept, I went
I chose this life.

I, for so long, dreamed of healing sick
I find myself now living it
I chose this life.

turnerDr. Turner is a GHHS member and Post Pediatric Portal Program Fellow at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.