Episode 2: “What Does Humanism in Mean & Why is It More Important Than Ever” with Dr. George Thibault

The Gold Connection: A Gold Humanism Honor Society Podcast

This episode features Dr. George Thibault’s powerful Jordan J. Cohen Humanism in Medicine Lecture, presented at the Association of American Medical Colleges’ Annual Meeting in 2018. Dr. Thibault delves into the history of humanism and present-day attacks on humanism, and leaves us all with this powerful reminder: “It will be hard to have humanism in medicine if there is no humanism in the world around us.”

Dr. Thibault is a Gold Foundation Trustee and Gold Humanism Honor Society member. He is the immediate past president of the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation. Previously, he served as the Vice President of Clinical Affairs at Partners Healthcare System in Boston and Director of the Academy at Harvard Medical School.

This episode is hosted by Dr. Hellen Ransom, member of the Gold Humanism Honor Society Advisory Council.

Dr. Thibault also published a version of this speech in Academic Medicine in August 2019. Read his invited commentary here (free open access): Humanism in Medicine: What Does It Mean and Why Is It More Important Than Ever?

Gold Foundation Staff