The Art of Anatomy by Khalil Harbie

This post is part of our collection of “Gold Nuggets” —  our way of alerting the medical community to original artwork, poetry or multimedia that stimulate discussion and reflection.  If you have something you think would make for good discussion by the medical community, you can submit a Gold Nugget by following these instructions

The Art of Anatomy by Khalil Harbie

Pencil on Paper (8” x 11”)

art of anatomy

This drawing is from the Literary Liniment, an anthology of original poetry, writing and artwork by health care professionals in training and in practice. The anthology was created with support from The Arnold P. Gold Foundation. 

Discussion Questions
  1. When you saw this art piece for the first time, what part of the drawing were your eyes first drawn to?
  2. Does this art piece conjure up any memories for you?
  3. Note the relationships of the different objects in the piece. Note the shadows. How do these relationships relate to your experience in medicine: the cadaver lab, the classroom, the clinic, the social hierarchy within medicine?
  4. Do you find significance in the fact that the artwork medium is pencil? What about the pencil within the drawing?