Join our #humanismalways mask campaign

You are invited to join in our campaign to recognize, on March 11, 2021, one year since COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic. Together, we will honor healthcare professionals and their great care, compassion, and courage — and the role that such compassion has lived in all of us in this difficult year. With such humanism in mind, we have created “Beyond this Mask is a Person Who Cares” face masks. We would be delighted to send you one and would appreciate you wearing it on March 11 — and anytime — to emphasize the importance of humanism in healthcare.

Please help us spread this message of humanism by taking a selfie and posting it on social media, tagging both us (@GoldFdtn on Twitter and Instagram; look for the full The Arnold P. Gold Foundation on LinkedIn and Facebook).  Use the hashtag #humanismalways.

Many thanks to William Kassing for his generous donation, which allowed these masks and this humanism initiative to be possible. We plan to have additional masks available in our forthcoming online store in the future.

Please reach out to AVP, Communications, Brianne Alcala at if you have any questions. If you happen to have a close connection at a media outlet or a leader/author/celebrity with a big heart who would like to help us amplify this message and wear a mask on March 11, please reach out to Brianne. Thank you for helping support humanism in healthcare!