Gold Foundation Maps the Field of Research on Humanism in Healthcare

journalsThe Arnold P. Gold Foundation Research Institute was established in 2012 to discover and disseminate knowledge about humanizing medicine to improve health and the human condition.

To advance practice, theory, education and research in the field of humanism in healthcare, we need a map of the research that has been completed and the research that has yet to be undertaken.  The Research Institute is proud to support 26 rigorous reviews of the literature that will produce thoughtful syntheses and discussion of evidence relating to the practice or teaching of humanistic healthcare.

Grantees will join a community of scholars and present their findings at a Spring 2015 symposium designed to illuminate best practices and set an agenda for future research.  Click here to see the list of funded proposals in these broad topic areas:

  • Medical Humanities
  • Humanism Education
  • Humanism and Underserved Populations
  • Humanism in Practice
  • Empathy