May 9th, 2019
LaKota Oaks
32 Weed Avenue Norwalk, CT

It’s Not Professional Burnout: Escape “Assembly-line Medicine”

Fairfield County Medical Association Presents
Critically Acclaimed Dr. Pamela Wible
It’s Not Professional Burnout: Escape “Assembly-line Medicine”

Thursday, May 9, 2019
LaKota Oaks
32 Weed Avenue
Norwalk, CT
6:00 – 8:30 p.m.
$75 per person / dinner included

About Dr. Pamela Wible
An activist and community organizer at heart, Dr. Pamela Wible will discuss physician suicide, and how to escape “assembly-line medicine.” It’s in her nature to be joyful and optimistic, but Dr. Wible is also a healer and problem solver — whether it’s a doctor with PTSD
or a suicidal healthcare system. She is relentless in her pursuit of correcting injustices.

Dr. Pamela Wible is a family physician practicing in Eugene, Oregon. Her parents warned her not to practice medicine, but she followed her heart only to discover – to heal her patients she had to first heal her profession. When not treating patients, Dr. Wible devotes her life to physician suicide prevention. She runs a suicide hotline and hosts retreats for depressed and discouraged medical students and physicians.

  • Commencement Speaker for the 2019 Frank H. Netter School of Medicine Graduation Ceremony
  • TEDMED Lecturer: Why Doctors Kill Themselves and How to Get Naked With Your Doctor
  • Book Author: Physician Suicide Letters Answered and Pet Goats and PAP Smears
  • Featured in Award Winning Film Documentary: Do No Harm – The Hippocratic Oath
  • Founder of the Ideal Medical Care Movement
  • Recipient of the 2015 Women Leader in Medicine Award by the American Medical Student Association
  • Interviewed by CNN, ABC, CBS and frequent guest on NPR

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