July 23rd, 2022
Martha's Vineyard
Time:4:30 - 6:30 p.m. ET
Guest Speaker:Dr. Wayne Riley

Gold Foundation at Martha’s Vineyard

A summer celebration of humanism in healthcare at Martha’s Vineyard

Each year, the Gold Foundation hosts an event on Martha’s Vineyard to bring together our long-time supporters with those passionate about humanistic care and new to our work.

Guest speaker:
Wayne J. Riley, M.D., MPH, MBA, MACP

President, SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University
Trustee & Secretary, Gold Foundation
Chair, New York Academy of Medicine
President, Society of Medical Administrators
President Emeritus, American College of Physicians

“Reflections of a Medical Humanist on U.S. Healthcare”

We invite you to learn more from one of the foremost leaders in healthcare, Dr. Wayne Riley — Gold Foundation Trustee and President of SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University — and to meet others who also care about compassionate healthcare for all.

Read Dr. Riley’s full bio.

In 2021, the Gold Foundation awarded Dr. Riley the National Humanism in Medicine Medal, alongside Dr. Eric Topol and Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Event Committee
Charlene Dewey & Dr. Wayne Riley
Jane & Dr. Richard I. Levin
Deb & Steve Rusckowski
Betsy & Richard Sheerr
Alice Vilma
Lee Wolf & Dr. Jordan J. Cohen

If you’d like to attend, please contact Kerry Ford at kerry@gold-foundation.org or 201-735-8722.