May 9th, 2023
TIME:12:00-1:30 p.m. ET

Connecting with and prescribing healing nature

This workshop is part of the 2023 GHHS Well-being Workshop Series, a yearlong series hosted by the Gold Humanism Honor Society designed to address different dimensions of well-being through a mix of interactive in-person and virtual sessions facilitated by thoughtful leaders across the United States. Sign up separately for each workshop you plan to attend.

This virtual workshop provides a means for healthcare professionals and students to develop their own healing nature practice, as well as learn ways to facilitate patients finding their healing nature practices. The process of prescribing to nature will include working with patients and guiding them to identify the type of nature and nature contact they find soothing. The workshop will outline and describe ways to hold these conversations.  It also will help healthcare professionals develop an understanding of the experiences and history: social, cultural, ethnic, economic, geographic, and individual, that can influence how individuals move in nature.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Develop familiarity with concept of nature as a healing modality
  2. Understand importance of individual preferences, experiences, and access in responding to nature- or types of nature- as a safe, relaxing, and healing place
  3. Develop personal reflective nature healing practice plans
  4. Understand how experiences and history: social, cultural, ethnic, economic, geographic, and individual can influence access to and experience in nature.
  5. Develop plans and resources for facilitating conversations on individualized healing nature plans with patients
  6. Develop nature prescription plans
  7. Recognize the range of healing nature that may (or may not) appeal to individuals.

Workshop Hosts

Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig, PhD, Director of the Medical Humanities Program at the University of Florida College of Medicine; Kimeta Grant, an undergraduate student; Aaron Colverstion, an ethnomusicology graduate student; and Anjalika Chalamgari, Akanksha Dave, and Annika Liu, first year medical students.

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The 2023 GHHS Well-being Workshops are all free and open to all healthcare professionals and students. Questions? Please reach out to Louisa Tvito at