Aspiration Statement for the Gold Corporate Council

The Gold Corporate Council aspires to elevate the importance of compassion and empathy in healthcare, igniting conversation and action throughout the healthcare industry.

In support of The Arnold P. Gold Foundation’s mission, we strive to protect the human connection as a crucial beacon, illuminating the way forward in healthcare.

Our aspirations:

  • To leverage our collective reach and impact to influence how healthcare is considered, placing the human connection at the center — from the development and distribution of medical supplies, to the delivery of healthcare products, services and life-saving treatment innovations, to artificial intelligence breakthroughs and beyond.
  • To lead the way in emphasizing that a human connection in healthcare yields benefits to all stakeholders:
    • Individuals and their families
    • Providers
    • Employees
    • Investors
    • The healthcare industry as a whole

We will look to the Gold Foundation, as the thought leader in humanistic healthcare, to lead the conversation. As corporate leaders, we will share best practices and serve as models to the industry.

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