Media Kit

In 2016, to reflect its widening reach of the entire healthcare team, The Arnold P. Gold Foundation introduced a new visual identity. Our new logo—a golden Mobius loop—symbolizes the continuous bond of trust, respect and communication that connects healthcare professionals with their patients when humanism is at the core of medical practice.

We encourage our partners who are hosting White Coat Ceremonies, GHHS induction ceremonies, and other Gold Foundation-related events to use our new logo in their event programs and other materials.

Please click on the logos below to download a larger image.

If you’d like your event program colors to match our gold color, please use:

  • Pantone 10122C (metallic gold)

Or plain gold for digital and non-metallic use:

  • R 210 / G 160 / B 43
  • C 0 / M 28 / Y 98 / K 11
  • Hex D29F13

For additional materials, larger logo files, or if you are interested fundraising opportunities that use our logo, please contact us.