2021 Poster Hall from the Humanism & Healing Virtual Conference

The Gold Foundation’s 2021 Humanism & Healing Virtual Conference featured a diverse selection of research and projects in its virtual Poster Hall. More than 50 posters from the wider Gold community were showcased. This work was divided into four themes:

  1. Caring for Underserved or At-Risk Populations
  2. Structural Racism and its Impact on Medicine
  3. Empathy in Medical or Nursing Education
  4. GHHS Chapter Projects and Activities

The 21 posters below fall in the category of Structural Racism and its Impact on Medicine.

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Posters in the Conference Theme:
Structural Racism and its Impact on Medicine




















“A Repair Kit to Address Racism and Implicit Bias in Medical School Case Vignettes” 
Thomas Jefferson University | Presenters: Abigail Wetzel1, Traci Trice, MD1, Denine Crittendon, MPH2, Alexander Reibstein1,2, Andres Fernandez, MD, MSEd1, Susan Truong, MD1, Dimitri Papanagnou, MD, MPH1, and Rosemary Frasso, PhD, MSc2. View the Poster

















“What is your Commitment to Anti-Racism?” Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine | Presenters: Alicia Rodgers,MS, OMS-IV, Ryan Vagedes, OMS-IV, and Kelly Ward, MS, OMS-IV. View the Poster

“Addressing Health Disparities through Anti-Racism Curriculum in Medical Education”
University of New Mexico School of Medicine | Presenters: Frances Cháves, Anita Reta, Samantha Paltrow-Krulwich, Ariana Thompson, Eliana Griego, and Felisha Rohan-Minjares MD.
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“Advancing Health Equity for Veterans: A Call to Stop Using Race-Based Algorithms in Kidney Function Calculations” Jesse Brown VA Medical Center (JBVAMC) | Presenters: Sheryl Lowery, PharmD; Bijal Jain, MD; Jane Weber, MSN; Lonyel Williams, PharmD. View the Poster



“Advancing Structural Competency Knowledge in Medical Education (ASK-ME)”
University of Queensland-Ochsner Clinical School, Ochsner Health, Lincoln Memorial University DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine | Presenters: Madison Boudreaux, BS1, Kierha Baker, MD1, Xing “Ellie” Hou, MD1, Prabhdeep Khunkhun, MD1, Bukky Akingbola, MD3, Kathy Jo Carstarphen MD/MPH2. View the Poster


“Advocacy, Medicine, & You: A Podcast Exploring Inequities in Medical Education”
Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University | Presenters: Sehar S. Ali, Haritha Aribindi. 
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“Applying a Structural Competency Lens to Teach Medical Students About Social Determinants of Health” SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University, College of Medicine | Presenters: Alexandra Greenberg, MSPH, MS, Kelsey Sklar, BS, Srishty Amarnani, MPH, Justin Ingram, BS, Carla Boutin-Foster, MD, MS, Robin Ovitsh, MD, Cameron Page, MD & Christopher Roman, PhD. View the Poster



















HESJAR curriculum – Community Conversations: Changing Systems, Challenging Attitudes University of California, Riverside School of Medicine | Presenters: Archana Reddy, MS4, Andrea Gochi, MS4, Anne Lyon, MS4, Julia Devito, MS4, Kathy Gomez, MS4, Preston Sitorus, MS4, Julius Daniels, MS4, Josue Reynaga, MS4, Joseph Wong, MS4, and Drs. Osei and Cortez along with members from the Center for Health Disparities. View the Poster


“Establishing Transformational Community among Medical Trainees of African Descent: The Development of Melanin at Mayo Arizona Mayo Clinic | Presenters: Sophia Ederaine, Ewoma Ogbaudu, Lucky Krog, Marlene E. Girardo, Olubadewa Fatunde M.D. M.P.H., William Rule, M.D. and Sara Dawit, M.D. View the Poster

“Impacting Medical Education, Research and Practice Using Opera and Life
Stories Through Traveling On Time
The Ohio State University College of Medicine | Presenters: Mr. Leslie Burrs, Dr. Jennifer Garvin, Dr. Linda Stone. View the Poster





















Healing thru Understanding: An Experiential Program for Addressing Systemic RacismThe University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) School of Medicine | Presenters: Suzanne Watson, MD, MEd, MDiv, Emma Garcia-Rider, MD, Allison Cotton, MD, Joshua Fitzgerald, MD, and Arden D Dingle, MD. View the Poster


“Humanizing Black Lives through Narrative Medicine: Storytelling and Story Receiving” UC Irvine School of Medicine | Presenters: Ava Runge, MS4; Kaavya Cherukuri, MS4; Erica Baugh, MS4; Diane Rhee, MS4; Kaosoluchi Enendu, MS4; Deena Brown, PhD; Johanna Shapiro, PhD; Tiffany Willoughby-Herard, PhD. View the Poster



















“Jesse Brown for Black Lives (JB4BL): Advancing Health Equity for Black Veterans” Jesse Brown VA Medical Center | Presenters: Marci Laragh MD, Cheryl Conner MD MPH.
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“Narrative Medicine: A New Approach to Anti-Racism in Medical Education” University of North Carolina School of Medicine,Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians & Surgeons | Presenters: Sarah Holdren, MS1,2, Yoshiko Iwai, MS, MFA1,2, Natalie C. Spach, BA1, Amy B. Weil, MD1. View the Poster

“Addressing Structural Bias in Interpretation of Pulse Oximetry” SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University | Presenter: Tyler DeFriece, M.D. Candidate Class of 2022. View the Poster

“Structural Racism in Vaccine Distribution in Washington, DC” Medical School for International Health Ben Gurion University of the Negev | Presenters: Raquel Weinberg and Allison Lenselink.
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“Student Run Free Clinics as a venue for anti-racism education” Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) | Presenters: Almeera Lateef, Thomas Agostini, Dr. Anita Ramsetty.
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“The Ethical Responsibility of the Mentor Mentee Relationship: The Lived Experience of Black Trainees and Racial Dynamics in Medicine” University of Missouri Kansas City School of Medicine, Children’s Mercy Hospital, University of Tulsa | Presenters: Imaima Casubhoy, Tamorah Lewis, MD, PhD2, Jamesia Donato, MD2, Grant Jenkins, PhD3, Margaret Brommelsiek, PhD1, Amelia Kirchhoff-Rowald, Gary Sutkin, MD, MBA1. View the Poster


















“The Use of Race in Clinical Algorithms: How the Use of a Socially Constructed Phenomenon Can Wrongly Affect Patient Care” Cooper Medical School of Rowan University | Presenters: Daphna Varadi, Sreya Doddakashi, Simran Kripalani, Emily Davidson; Mara Gordon, MD; Isha Marina Di Bartolo, MD1. View the Poster



















“Who should be the first responders to mental health crises and how can we protect vulnerable populations: a historical analysis” National Suicide Prevention Hotline | Presenters: Amira Athanasios, Neel Duggal. View the Poster



“Characterizing the Development of an Innovative Trainee-Centered Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative: Implementing the Mayo Clinic Diversity Mentorship Program”
Mayo Clinic | Presenters: Sara Dawit, M.D., Molly Carnahan, M.D. and William Rule, M.D.
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