2014 Picker Gold Graduate Medical Education Challenge Grants Available

doctor taking the heartbeatSince 2008, the Arnold P. Gold Foundation and The Picker Institute have partnered on the Picker Gold Graduate Medical Education Challenge Grant Program. Both organizations recognized the critical importance of bringing the patient voice into residency training, for it is in the hospital setting where doctors truly learn how to practice their profession.

Applications for the 2014/2015 Picker Gold Graduate Medical Education Challenge Grant Program are now available. Faculty from any graduate medical education program that is ACGME-accredited are eligible to apply.  Letters of Intent are due on March 14, 2014.

Titles of past projects include:

  • Improving Patient-Centered Technology Use (iPaCT)
  • Trauma bay – Acquiring Skills in Communication: A curriculum to teach emergency medicine and surgery residents the procedure of ‘having a difficult conversation’ in a high-stakes environment
  • Shared Decision Making in Medication Prescriptions: Improving Communication Skills and Professionalism for Internal Medicine Residents
  • Enhancing Medical Resident Cultural and Linguistic Competency

Though the Picker Institute ceased operations at the end of 2012, Harvey Picker’s description of the fundamentals of patient-centered care – “understanding patients’ values, preferences and expressed needs” – will remain touchstones as The Arnold P. Gold Foundation continues to sponsor challenge grants at teaching hospitals across the country.

See the application

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