082010_0617The Gold Foundation’s signature programs and grant making activities promote the development of humanistic healthcare professionals. Most of our programs fall into the following areas:

Setting Expectations; Instilling Values
Rituals, ceremonies and oath-taking ensure that individuals are introduced to the expectations of providing humanistic, compassionate patient care at the beginning of their training and throughout their professional careers.

Recognizing Excellence; Promoting Role Models
Our awards recognize and celebrate the integrity, compassion, altruism, respect, empathy and service that must be combined with clinical excellence to provide optimal patient care.

Providing Life-Changing Experiences; Understanding the Patient Perspective
We have created experiential and service learning opportunities where medical students have opportunities to experience life through another’s eyes, understand the patient perspective and reflect on the role of the caregiver.

Encouraging Research and Innovative Change
Our work in discovering, supporting, and disseminating research and curriculum development improves healthcare delivery and the human condition.

Other Initiatives