White Coat Ceremony Toolkit

Congratulations on your upcoming White Coat Ceremony! Each year, the Gold Foundation provides a kit of materials for your school’s ceremony. If there are other materials that would be useful, please let us know at info@gold-foundation.org

Organizations interested in White Coat Ceremonies or other rituals to infuse humanism into care settings and corporate healthcare settings should contact Pia Miller, Senior Director of Strategy and Business Development, at pmiller@gold-foundation.org.

Virtual Ceremony Planning

Webinar with the AAMC: White Coat Ceremonies during COVID-19: Tools, Resources, and an Open Forum to Explore Virtual Options

Click HERE to view the webinar recording

Ceremony materials

Virtual keynote video coming in mid-July!

Program template (Publisher) (InDesign) – add your school’s logo, ceremony speakers, students, and other details, and print at the printing shop of your choice, or save as a PDF to distribute via email or on your website. If you’d prefer a different file format, please email us at info@gold-foundation.org.

White Coat Ceremony slides (PPT) – slides to incorporate into your ceremony

Signage & logo materials

The 2.5-foot by 8-foot banner can be modified to include your school’s logo and then ordered from VistaPrint or the printing shop of your choice.

2.5-foot x 8-foot “Congratulations on your White Coat Ceremony” banner (InDesign or PDF) – add your school’s logo and print at the printing shop of your choice

Gold Foundation White Coat Ceremony logo (PNG) – for inclusion on your own specially designed program or banner

Media materials

5 marketing tips (PDF) – ideas to promote your ceremony widely and engage with the Gold Foundation through social media

Press release template for medical schools (Word) – This template includes a quote from Dr. Levin, our CEO and president, and can be modified for your school and sent to local media outlets, such as local TV stations and newspapers. Nursing version to come soon.


Source Sans Pro (free download– This open source typeface family is often used in our materials.