Job Posting: Internship (full-time, paid)

Job Description: The Arnold P. Gold Foundation seeks a self-starter with an interest in non-profits and/or healthcare to assist with overall office tasks in the areas of development, marketing, and […]

The Importance of Ethics

by Ali Rae, MS4 She was born with HIV. Seventeen years later, she sat with her small feet dangling from the hospital bed, swinging like twin pendulums out of sync. […]

The Context-Dependence of Empathy

by David Scales MD, PhD If you follow Twitter, KevinMD or the medical literature on clinical empathy you start to get the impression that empathy – and a physician’s lack of […]

Review of “Blood Lines” by Paul McLean

by Molly Olmsted When Paul and Jody McLean went to pick up their new beagle, her name was nothing more than a four-digit number tattooed on her inner ear. Hutch, […]

Review of “Bedside Manners”, by David Watts

Review by Perry Dinardo “I write the story and the story writes me.” In Bedside Manners: One Doctor’s Reflections on the Oddly Intimate Encounters between Patient and Healer, David Watts, […]

Stories of Medical School from GHHS Members

In 2013, the Gold Foundation provided a grant to help with the creation of a series of podcasts called Inside Stories, an oral narratives project which invites medical students to share their […]

Review of “In the Hands of Doctors” by Paul E. Stepansky

Review by Ali Rae Where does the artistry of medicine really lie, and how can we cultivate it in today’s doctors? These seem to be the central questions of Paul E. […]

“Just Ask Your Doctor”: Therapeutic Narratives and the Path to Healing

  by Karen Knops, MD “Bones” was one of my favorite patients.  Close to seventy years old, he’d had a wild youth riding motorcycles.  His nickname was minted after one of […]

Jeffrey Silver Humanism in Healthcare Research Roundup – July 2016

The Jeffrey Silver Humanism in Healthcare Research Roundup features summaries of recently published studies on humanism in healthcare. To receive email notification of new studies once per month, enter your information here and […]

Polarity Thinking in Medical Education

by John (Jack) Penner, MS3 and Margaret Cary, MD, MBA, MPH Medicine thrives on Either/Or problem solving. We make a diagnosis. Or we don’t. We prescribe a medication. Or we don’t. […]