Medical Schools

For accredited medical schools establishing their first White Coat Ceremony, the foundation provides a startup grant, which may be used to cover approved expenses associated with the ceremony. Examples of approved expenses include speaker honorarium, printing costs, reception costs, white coats, video and photographers, media promotion, etc. Accredited schools of medicine in the US and Canada are eligible to apply.

Schools Of Nursing

Schools of Nursing are eligible for a grant to support their initial White Coat Ceremony. The application process is  managed by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) and applications are available on their website in June of every year.

Allied Health Professions

We believe that it is essential to support the entire healthcare team throughout their careers and we are always are excited to see new schools mark this important rite of passage for their incoming students. Unfortunately, at this time, we only have secured funding for medical schools and schools of nursing. Other allied health professions are welcomed to request “Keeping Healthcare Human” pins using the form to the right. We will continue to explore new funding opportunities that will allow us to expand this program further.


Once a White Coat Ceremony has been established at a school, the Gold Foundation will continue to provide lapel pins each year. If your school is undergoing the accreditation process and has not yet received full accreditation, please contact the Gold Foundation.

Be sure to submit pin requests at least 30 days in advance of your WCC.

The lapel pins feature the Gold Foundation’s logo surrounded by the words Keeping Healthcare Human to remind students of their commitment to treat patients with dignity and respect.

Grant Application

To be eligible for a grant, the School must apply to the Foundation using the online form, stating their intent to continue the ceremony in the future, and committing to include these components:

  • Recitation or discussion of an oath (such as the Hippocratic Oath), which represents the public acknowledgment by the students of the responsibilities of the profession and their willingness to assume such obligations in the presence of family, friends, and faculty
  • An address by an eminent role model
  • Celebration at a reception with students’ invited guests

The application should include a proposed budget and  the school must be willing to cover additional expenses not covered by the grant.

Submit proposals electronically using our online application.

Final Report


  1. Describe the event and how it was received by attendees.
  2. Was your project promoted at your institution? Please describe how and to what audience.
  3. Attach copies of printed materials, programs etc.
  4. Include photos from the event.


  1. Provide an accounting of expenses with invoices/receipts.