What’s New in GHHS

We’ve updated our Toolkit!

The GHHS Chapter Toolkit is a compilation of suggestions and best practices, and is intended as a resource to guide the leaders of prospective and existing GHHS chapters in sustaining and developing their programs.

Golden Glimmers are a new way for GHHS members to express themselves, and at the same time stay connected with their GHHS peers! Staff will periodically request themed submissions in the form of art, writing, photos and more. With approval submissions will be shared on our website and social media pages. (#GoldenGlimmers)


  •  Our GHHS Facebook Group is UPDATED! Log on and take part in conversation with fellow GHHS members.
  • The GHHS Gold Guidea list of activities submitted by GHHS members intended to help all medical students, residents, staff, and faculty make their learning environments respectful, empathetic, understanding, and caring.
  • As of  May 2015, the ERAS residency application now has a dedicated mechanism for allowing students to enter their membership in GHHS.
  • New page for Chapter Advisors:  Mentoring through GHHS

An Update about the Student Clinician Ceremonies and Humanism and Excellence in Teaching Awards: 

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation has been proud of the wonderfully innovative Student Clinician Ceremonies (SCC) as well as the inspirational Humanism and Excellence in Teaching Awards (HETA) for residents. Residents who are acknowledged with a HETA award are concurrently inducted into the Gold Humanism Honor Society. While the SCC and HETA programs are no longer financially supported by the Gold Foundation, we encourage schools to continue these programs! Please contact the Gold Foundation if you would like a certificates for either the HETA or SCC awards and to initiate the GHHS induction process. The Gold Foundation encourages teaching institutions to continue to host transitional ceremonies for students moving from the classroom to clinical rotations, and to honor residents who embody humanistic principles and ideals by selecting them for membership into GHHS chapters.

GHHS UME chapters each year may select up to four faculty members and up to six residents for induction into GHHS along with new medical student members. GHHS GME chapters may select and induct up to four faculty members each year as well. GHHS student and resident members should be part of the selection process. For more information, see the GHHS Chapter Toolkit.

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