GHHS Committees

Consider deepening your role in GHHS by joining a committee, which helps guide GHHS activities and governance. Each of the four committees (Program Committee, Conference Committee, Governance Committee and Membership Committee) include practicing physicians and faculty members as well as student members. (These are separate groups from the Advisory Council.)

Committee meetings are held monthly by conference call, and each committee member serves a term of 3 years.

Applications are now open for GHHS committee members: To apply, please send your CV and a personal statement describing why you’d like to join a particular committee to GHHS Assistant Director Louisa Tvito at

Membership Committee            

  1. Provides support for the formation of new GHHS chapters by developing resource materials and providing advice
  2. Mentors new Chapter Advisors
  3. Develops proposals, programming, materials, and oversight for expansion of GHHS chapters beyond medical schools
  4. Oversees chapter compliance with GHHS standards
  5. Works collaboratively with the GHHS director and the GHHS staff

 Program Committee

  1.  Identifies and catalogs existing GHHS programs
  2. Reviews historical approaches to GHHS programming and anticipates current and future GHHS programming needs
  3. Assesses potential programming materials and activities and makes recommendations for implementation
  4. Works collaboratively with the GHHS director and the GHHS staff

Conference Committee

  1. Creates a Speakers Bureau that focuses on humanism in the context of care, not only for patients, but also for self-care
  2. Develops a process and appropriate expertise / infrastructure to support for regionally run conferences (possibly to include speakers, grants, schedule templates, etc.)
  3. Drafts a proposal/statement to support annual and regional conferences including resource (budget, staff) requirements
  4. Identifies timelines and suitable Program Chair for future national GHHS conferences.