Display your work at the Humanism & Healing Conference’s Virtual Art Gallery

“Our hearts flow through the arts…. We will help each other celebrate the small moments, heal the present and find the future.” Dr. Linda Stone, Ohio State University

As part of our 2021 Gold Virtual Humanism Conference: Humanism and Healing: Structural racism and its impact on medicine, we will be hosting a virtual art gallery for those interested in sharing their work.

“Testament”– Kevin McCawley, M3, University of Michigan

We invite you to share your work that has helped you express your feelings during a particularly challenging year.

Possible topics for artistic submission include:

  • Structural Racism and its Impact on Medicine
  • Caring for Underserved or At-Risk Populations
  • Empathy in Medical or Nursing Education

This virtual art gallery will be open from April 26 to May 10 for conference attendees to enjoy and reflect upon at their leisure.