Student Clinician’s Ceremony

SCC at Kirksville College of Osteopathic MedicineThe Student Clinician’s Ceremony (SCC) is a ceremony initiated by the Gold Foundation to provide guidance, information and support as medical students transition into their clinical years. The planning and development of this event is student-led with the assistance of a faculty mentor, and aims to address some of the anxiety felt by students entering their clerkships. By providing insight, discussing fears and expectations, and revisiting the oath taken during the White Coat Ceremony or another oath, the SCC provides a forum for collective and reflective discussion of the students’ experiences. The ceremony also underscores the challenges and imperatives to providing humanistic care to patients at the same time as they are pressed to demonstrate high standards of skill performance.

The SCC also recognizes outstanding residents through the Gold Foundation’s Humanism and Excellence in Teaching Award. Third year students choose up to six residents who have exhibited particularly strong teaching skills and are role models for compassionate, relationship-centered care. At the ceremony, students have the opportunity to describe why each resident was chosen. Residents are presented with an award certificate and typically are allowed to briefly address the class of rising 3rd years students.

A keynote speech by a prominent and humanistic physician role model is followed by a reception for students, faculty, friends and family. This event is student-generated and encourages 2nd year students to work with 3rd year students and residents. Many schools conclude week or day-long orientation sessions with the SCC