Call for videos: Share your story of humanism

You can help us spread our message more now than ever.  You can make a difference now more than ever. We are not asking for money. We are asking for your personal experiences.

As we all are encountering challenging, meaningful times in our lives — involving healthcare and caring for each other — we at the Gold Foundation are gathering some of those personal experiences and sharing them on our website and other posts or sites with our partners — schools, sponsors, supporters.

By sharing those moments of human connection, we can spread and multiply the value of human connection.  We hope you will share and help us.

Here’s how:

  1. Think of a moment when you connected, or you were connected with, in a healthcare situation, in a social situation, in a personal interaction — any time that you feel compassion shined through, that you offered or received or observed.  As a nurse, doctor, EMT, patient, patient’s family, volunteer, employer, employee, neighbor — when our shared humanity made a difference.
  2. Record your “moment” on your cellphone.  Speak directly to the camera.  Speak clearly and slowly.
  3. Please try to keep your story short, only one minute at most because we want to offer many stories on our site. Try saying it out loud for practice. Then, since it’s on your cellphone, you can try it a few times until you’re happy with it.  Do not try to make it perfect.  It is, after all, human.
  4. Out of respect for privacy, don’t include anyone’s name or details other than your own.  (You can just refer to a patient as “the patient” or a person as your friend or relative.) You can say your name at the beginning if you like (Ex: “I’m Lauren Jones, Dean of XYZ School,” or “I’m James, a nurse at a hospital in New Mexico”). We will only include your name if you wish but would like to identify your role — i.e. doctor, nurse, dentist, hospice worker, patient, family member, etc.)
  5. Then upload it below.
  6. We will edit the videos as needed, for length, privacy or other elements.

Together, we can show humanism in action.  We can show the power of humanism at a time when it is most needed. Thank you for being part of this movement!

Upload your video here: