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The Foundation owes much of its success to the collaboration and effort of many different teams.

Gold Corporate Council

Newly formed in 2017, this council brings together healthcare leaders from the corporate sector to collaborate and support efforts to further the Foundation’s mission of humanism in healthcare. The Gold Corporate Council aspires to elevate the importance of compassion and empathy in healthcare, igniting conversation and action throughout the healthcare industry, and to lead the way in emphasizing humanistic policies and procedures within their own companies.

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Gold Partners Council – Medical Schools

This council reflects the important relationship between The Arnold P. Gold Foundation and US and Canadian Schools of Medicine. Member schools commit to advance humanism in medicine and convey to the medical professions and public the importance of Keeping Healthcare human.

The council, formerly named the Academic Medicine Gold Partners Council, was restructured in the 2017-2018 academic year with new benefits and new tiers of support. The 3 levels of membership are now: Osler Partner ($7,500), Blackwell Partner ($15,000), and Hippocrates Partner ($25,000). Members receive recognition for their commitment and contribution to humanism in the Foundation’s various public communications.

View our Gold Partners Council medical school members here.

Gold Partners Council — Hospitals and Medical Centers

Through membership, these hospitals and medical centers demonstrate their shared commitment to advancing humanism in medicine. The council, formerly named the Academic Medicine Gold Partners Council, is being restructured for the 2017-2018 academic year with new benefits and new tiers of support. The 3 levels of membership are now: Osler Partner ($7,500), Blackwell Partner ($15,000), and Hippocrates Partner ($25,000). Members receive recognition for their commitment and contribution to humanism in the Foundation’s various public communications.

View our Gold Partners Council hospital and medical center members here.

Medical and Professional Advisory Council (MPAC)

There are currently 20 members on this council representing leaders in medical and healthcare delivery, as well as members of the public. MPAC members are nominated and must be approved by the Gold Foundation’s Board of Trustees. Individual members may be solicited to be involved in Foundation activities such as serving as grant reviewers, offering input to strategic discussions, and other tasks that support the Foundation’s work.

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Gold Foundation for Humanistic Healthcare, Canada

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Academic Medicine is the official, peer- reviewed journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges, serving as an international exchange of ideas and information to address challenges facing the medical community. Winning essays of our Hope Babette Tang Humanism in Healthcare Essay Contest are published in Academic Medicine throughout the months of October, November, and December.
Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) is an organization that sets standards for US graduate medical education programs and the institutions that sponsor them. In collaboration with the Gold Foundation, the ACGME sponsors the DeWitt (Bud) C. Baldwin, Jr., Award to recognize institutions that foster a respectful, supportive environment for medical education.
American Academy on Communication in Health (AACH) is a health care system which shares the common belief that all patients should be treated with respect, compassion and be actively engaged in their healthcare process. Like the Gold Foundation, the AACH provides opportunities to support this vision through collaboration and professional development.
American Association of Colleges of Nursing (ACN) represents over 800 schools of nursing nationwide to establish education standards and support professional nursing education, research and practice. The ACN has partnered with the Gold Foundation to implement White Coat Ceremonies in nursing programs nationwide.
American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation (ABIM) seeks to advance medical professionalism to improve healthcare through engagements and convenings. The ABIM foundation funds the Gold Foundation’s Research Institute Mapping the Landscape advocacy grants to allow a team of researchers to advocate for change with information or evidence derived from previous literature.
Associated Medical Services Phoenix Project (AMS) was established on the premise that health professionals provide the best care when they are able to balance human compassion and technical expertise. As the Gold Foundation seeks expansion of its Canadian affiliate, AMS serves as a fellow thought leader and partner during this time.
Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) is dedicated to supporting healthcare throughout the realms of education, research and patient care activities. The AAMC and Gold Foundation have established sponsorship of several events held at the AAMC annual meeting including the Humanism in Medicine Award and Humanism in Medicine Lecture.
The Beryl Institute is committed to improving the patient experience through knowledge and ideas by recognizing the importance of the entire healthcare team. The Gold Foundation and Beryl Institute share common thoughts and viewpoints for the future of healthcare.
Cambridge Health Alliance(CHA) is a health system dedicated to improving the health of surrounding communities. The Gold Foundation Research Institute, sited at CHA, collaborates globally through the CHA-Gold Innovation Scholars project which helps leaders cultivate the necessary knowledge and skill to partner with patients and communities to co-produce good healthcare outcomes.
Cleveland Clinic Patient Experience: Empathy + Innovation Summit
The Patient Experience Summit joins patient experience leaders and patients that are committed to not only the patient and caregiver experience, but also the human experience. With this common goal, the Gold Foundation seeks to continuously be involved in the Cleveland Clinic’s summit.
EDI Institute is a non-profit organization committed to the innovation, implementation, and research of Expressive Digital Imagery®, a new solution for integrating non-verbal self-expression into proven therapies. The Gold Foundation has partnered with EDI Institute through its Tell Me More® program allowing patients and caregivers to get to know each other beyond their diagnoses and job descriptions.
Empathetics, Inc. provides innovative empathy and interpersonal skills training for medical professionals to enhance the human relationship in medical practices. Together, the Gold Foundation and Empathetics strive to support medical and nursing students with effective tools to provide compassionate patient care.
Harvard Macy Institute is an innovator in providing continuing professional development throughout the healthcare landscape. The Gold Foundation supports Macy scholars and seminars to pursue projects that further advance humanistic practice and education.
Institute for Healthcare Communication strives to advance the quality of healthcare through innovative educational services, collaborative research and advocacy programs. The Gold Foundation shares this important vision to providing patients with patient-centered, optimal care.
J3Personica is committed to providing evidence-based and clinically led research tools for medical schools, graduate medical education organizations and healthcare institutions to redefine the personality of healthcare. Together with the Gold Foundation, we have developed the Humanistic Assessment Tool (HAT) which will serve as a reference tool for medical and nursing students to increase their self-awareness about attributes necessary for becoming compassionate, humanistic caregivers.

Planetreee is a partner organization that strives to transform how care is delivered around he world. Together the Gold Foundation and Plantree strive to support the patient voice and how caregivers engage with patients and families.
Primary Care Progress (PCP) seeks to transform primary care through offering development programs throughout interprofessional communities. PCP and the Gold Foundation believe in providing the appropriate skills necessary of a healthcare provider to further enhance and reinvent primary care.
Pulse Voices from the Heart of Medicine tells stories of healthcare’s personal experiences expressed through a first-person story or poem, visual image or haiku. Sharing these stories allows for the promotion and support of humanism and professionalism.

The Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare strives to preserve and protect the human connection in healthcare by supporting caregivers, partnering with patients and striving to redefine quality care. Together with the Gold Foundation we have co-developed the Triple C framework to promote compassionate, collaborative care.